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Technology Integration

What is Technology Integration?

Technology integration is the practice of designing spaces where technology is both accessible and future-ready. As technology integrators work with builders and their clients to define technology needs, and then handle the design and installation of customized home automation, security, entertainment and related sub-systems.

Today’s homeowners want features like distributed audio, dynamic home theaters and open concept entertainment areas, and automated control systems. Security systems, energy efficiency, and secure remote access have become equally important to homeowners. Protecting what’s inside their homes and ensuring that their network and personal information are secure is essential to them.

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Why Partner With Us?

Industry experts predict that most residences will soon possess some form of home automation. It’s the hottest trend going. However, we know that designing a modern-era smart home is no easy task. With changing regulations, regional building standards, and clients’ diverse expectations, you have more than enough on your plate.

Partnering with us during the design-build phase will help you to meet your clients’ expectations and avoid time-consuming, costly changes later in the process. Set yourself apart from the competition. Build for the future with the help of our technology integration team.

How We Collaborate With You

  • System design consultation
  • Technology integration expertise
  • Project management and blueprints
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

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We maintain partnerships with the top architects in the area to take projects from concept to completion. This ensures a smooth installation and provides an intuitive design that can be easily upgraded in the future. SaaviHome is proud to be a member of the integrated design team. We work closely with the architectural community to offer educational opportunities, bringing the latest in industry methods and innovations.


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Working side by side, we can help deliver your vision to the client without unnecessary clutter or other visible distractions. We are design sensitive and strive to remain working silently in the background. Let your vision take center stage, SaaviHome will deliver with total confidence all while remaining completely anonymous.

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We work closely with and often partner with electrical companies in order to facilitate the areas that our disciplines overlap and provide a hassle-free experience for both builder and owner. A partnership with an electrician ensures the following areas are done correctly:


  • Electrical outlets are located where needed for all the audio and video equipment
  • High voltage equipment such as lighting control is properly installed and meets local code
  • Electrical circuits are sized correctly and balanced

Landscape Companies

More and more people want to bring the conveniences of the home entertainment and security features outside into the patios, backyard, and around the pool. We work closely with landscape companies to ensure that speaker locations are designed into the landscape and that the conduits for speaker wiring, landscape lighting, and other necessary wiring are done during the dirt work phase to cause minimum disruption later on in the project.

The placement of speakers and even lighting can make a big difference in the backyard and around the pool, but in order to properly conceal the speakers, there should be flower beds and shrubs placed in strategic locations.  Working together with the landscape company will ensure that the final product achieves the desired effect.