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Denver home automation specialists, SaaviHome, have created state-of-the-art smart home and business automation packages to place you on the cutting edge of systems control.

A home automation system combines all of your remotes and apps for your smart devices into one easy-to-use platform. Control your audio, lighting, window treatments and more with the touch of a button.

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Why Automate?

Building a new home or renovating your current home? Take a second to consider how automating the technology in your home can provide cost saving benefits along with comfort in your living space, while increasing the value of your home in the long run. Home automation is the art of enabling your home technology systems to communicate amongst themselves based on controlled programming set to your liking.

Picture this: You're out of town and realize you've forgot to set your thermostat to the appropriate temperature. Through the Control4 app on your phone, you can adjust your thermostat from 1000 miles away!

Or this: Your home is window heavy and the sun is not only warming your house, but your furniture and appliances are at risk of UV damage as a result. Automated window treatments and shades are the answer! By linking your shades to your smart thermostat, your home has the ability to automatically drop those shades when the temperature in your house rises above a set temperature, rather than the AC turning on! 

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Automated Window Shades

With automated window shades, you can easily raise the shades to add sunlight or lower them to reduce heat buildup while adding instant privacy. Shades can be preset to automatically open and close during a specific time a year, effectively controlling sunlight to prevent harsh U/V rays from damaging expensive furnishings, floorings, or appliances. Or if you prefer, you can simply push a button to adjust them when you want, achieving the greatest beauty and efficiency in each room at all times. SaaviHome integrates shades into our Home Automation systems or can set them up individually. Energy savings down the road can pay for a shade investment while also helping the environment. It's a win/win!

Smart Lighting Control

Integrating your homes multiple lighting loads with a home automation system is an excellent way to create a smarter, more energy efficient home. With the touch of a button, you can adjust all of the lights in your home to perform on set scenes. An 'Away' scene may turn off every light in your home as you are rushing out the door, while a 'Cooking' scene might turn on all of the kitchen lights while also triggering audio in the room! Activate your lights from a smartphone app whether you are home or away. Learn more about Lighting Control today!

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Climate Control

Smart thermostats are a game changer. Control the temperature in your home from a centralized app that can also connect your HVAC system to your other smart devices. Returning home in the snowy cold? Access your smart thermostat directly from your smart phone to up the temperature in your home before you even step foot in the door.

Control the climate in your home with a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats can connect to your home automation system.


The Control4 App turns your smartphone or tablet into an all-in-one control station for your home. It connects directly to your home automation system and allows you to control all of the smart devices in your home: lighting, temperature, window treatments, audio and more.


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