Simplifying Home Technology for Home Building Professionals and Homeowners

Simplifying Home Technology for Home Building Professionals and Homeowners

Aug 16, 2021

As a technology company in the low voltage realm of home building, SaaviHome specializes in powered solutions that require 70 volts of electricity or less. Think: AV systemssecurity & surveillance systemsmotorized window treatmentshome theaters, etc. While the world is moving towards wireless control of home technology systems, those systems will still require wired power for activation.

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During the design and planning phase of your next project, take a second to consider the ultimate technology needs of your client, the homeowner. How important are TVs and audio? How many windows are in the house and what type of UV/shade protection should be considered for the homes’ furniture, appliances, and privacy? How many wireless access points will be needed for a seamless Wi-Fi connection throughout the space? What type of security system will make the homeowner feel most comfortable in their living quarters?

These are the types of planning questions that the SaaviHome team will help you to answer and budget for. All new homes will require some scope of low-voltage work. Allow our team of experts to take on the task of technology planning, freeing up your time to focus on every other aspect of the build.

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Let’s start with SaaviHome’s Project Discovery Form. As new projects land on your boards, introduce technology solutions and options to your clients with our Project Discovery Form. Feel free to put your client in touch with our team directly to define the technology scope of their project.

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SaaviHome will typically provide 2 proposals on a technology/low-voltage project:

–       Low Voltage Prewire: Technology requires power, and similar to lighting, low voltage wiring must be run throughout a house, prior to drywall, to power any given solution. Wire is fairly inexpensive and it’s typically recommended to wire for ALL possible technology solutions on a given project. We understand that needs change overtime, and while a homeowner may not plan to have a TV in their guest bedroom today, providing wiring for a TV in that guest bedroom may benefit the homes overall sell value years down the line. We’ll start you off with a proposal for the wiring portion of a project based on the homeowners needs.

–       Equipment: Once the technology needs of a project have been refined, we will provide you with an equipment proposal for the final technology solutions to be installed: TV’s, speakers, surveillance cameras, etc.

Ask us about our Low Voltage Budgeting sheet to assist in driving the conversation around home technology costs!

Low Voltage Budget Sheet

Our installation team can be caught on-site following electrical wiring, during the rough-in phase of a project, and again prior to homeowner move-in for the installation of the final product(s). We’ll work hand and hand with you, our partner, to ensure scheduling needs are met. SaaviHome will never be the reason for a delay in a build.

Unlike many subcontractors in the home building industry, SaaviHome will maintain a relationship with the homeowner to service the needs of their technology systems over time. Our monthly and yearly service plans aim to provide proactive maintenance of our products leading to happy end users!

From basic low voltage prewiring of a new home, to the installation of full home automation systems, SaaviHome is your technology partner in the field and from afar. Our team of professionals strives to make your life easier by taking on all technology aspects of your next project. We’ll work diligently with you and your client to customize a technology solution specific to the needs and desires of our homeowners.

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