Making Smart Security Upgrades to your Home

Making Smart Security Upgrades to your Home

Mar 31, 2021

We know your family’s safety is of great importance to you; being able to keep your family safe at home can help you sleep well at night. As break-ins are only increasing, it’s become more vital than ever to ensure your home is secure. Smart home technology can incorporate security solutions that put you in total control of the happenings in and around your home. Here are some of Saavi’s suggested upgrades you should make to your home.


Not only do well-lit spaces increase your visibility, but it also increases your safety, as potential intruders are less likely to attempt to break into a home that’s well-lit and appears occupied. If you’re away from home, you can program particular sets of lights to turn on and off at set times to give the illusion that someone is home; this is known as “Mockupancy.” You can also program exterior lights to turn on whenever your car approaches the driveway or the sun sets. If you hear a noise in the night, you can control your lights through an app on your smartphone, so you can light up your home before leaving your bed. Light plays a large role in keeping your home safe.

Person holding a touchscreen tablet from which they can control the home's security and lighting control systems

Detectors and sensors

Detectors and sensors have you covered when you’re away from home to alert you of potential issues. A range of sensors can detect motion, shattered glass, smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide that you might miss; a few minutes could make a huge difference in preserving your home’s assets and family members. Many of these systems are programmed to contact the appropriate authorities when one of these detectors is triggered, so you’ll know you have your smart home system looking out for you even if you’re asleep or away from home.

Smart locks

You’ll never have to worry about losing or forgetting your keys again; accidentally locking yourself out of your home is a thing of the past with smart locks. This security solution grants unique access codes to each family member so they can operate your door from their mobile phone. If you’ve forgotten to lock the door after leaving the house, many locks come with GPS tracking that will automatically lock once they sense your growing distance from the home. This is one of the most affordable upgrades you can make to your home; a basic and sturdy smart lock can be as inexpensive as a $100 investment that will pay for itself.

Front door of a home with both a front door bell with integrated camera and a outdoor dome camera for a wider view around the front yard

Outdoor security cameras

Perhaps the most useful addition to your home security setup is exterior CCTV cameras; many come in high definition with night vision and facial recognition technology. You’ll be able to see who enters and leaves your property, home, and vehicles. Newer models include motion tracking that sends you notifications whenever the camera senses a presence, whether it’s the delivery man dropping off a package, your child arriving home from school, or the neighborhood raccoon digging through your trash. You’ll be able to watch live video feeds from anywhere through your mobile phone, so you’ll be able to keep tabs on your home and family members wherever you are. Furthermore, the mere presence of an exterior camera is enough to deter intruders from wanting to break into your home.

Are you interested in upgrading your home security solutions? Our team of professionals at Saavi is ready to help you design and install a system perfect for your room, whether you’re opting for a smart lock system or lighting control. Contact us today to get started.