Four Ways to Improve your Restaurant or Bar with Commercial Audio-Video Solutions

Four Ways to Improve your Restaurant or Bar with Commercial Audio-Video Solutions

Feb 26, 2021

Commercial audio and video are changing the way consumers enjoy a night out. On top of offering great food and drinks, restaurants and bars must take advantage of cutting-edge audio and video solutions that make the difference in making or breaking a business. Whether you offer personalized menu screens, a fantastic sound system and dance floor, or sports entertainment, the ability to stimulate your guests’ senses through your business’s atmosphere will have them returning over and over. Here are several ways to utilize commercial audio-video solutions.

Turn the Music Up

The most popular and easiest way to incorporate commercial solutions to your restaurant is audio, which works to set the mood. Crisp, loud audio will keep your patrons on the dance floor, or quiet background music allows them to talk freely on the patio. SaaviHome offers the ability to install speakers in the wall or ceiling so guests never notice them, or an audio system that gives guests control of the music. Alternatively, we offer systems that make it easy for an employee to simply attach their mobile device and stream a playlist across the business or in specific spaces. Or in the case of a sports bar, it’s easy to adjust the volume on your screens to be perfectly engaging during the big game. You can easily save time and energy when the entirety of your business’s audio functions are controlled through a centralized system.

Soccer fans cheering a goal score at their local restaurant

Increase Digital Visuals

Flat-screen displays can be used all around your bar or restaurant; digital menus pack a visual punch and are shown to increase sales, and giant screens can broadcast sports and entertainment. Nowadays, consumers are searching for something that sets your business apart, so you can utilize screens to change up the atmosphere. Gain some free publicity by making social media hashtags visible on your digital signage to encourage patrons to share photos of them having fun in your establishment. On the security side of operations, CCTV cameras can be linked to screens in your office to keep an eye on your property in case of theft. Either way, utilizing quality video solutions will make your bar or restaurant stand out.

Engage more Customers

Interactive technology is becoming a huge draw for patrons of your business. There are some restaurants and bars that offer individual screens at every table that can order food and provide entertainment. Customers are amazed to be able to order food and drink at their leisure, play fun games to pass the time, and even pay for their meal through a singular system. You can even incorporate a feedback option so guests can tell you of other ways to improve the customer experience. Many restaurants and bars can increase their revenue through special events like weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events. A private space equipped with unique lighting, audio, and video systems offers an exclusive experience, whether you utilize a projector to cast images on your dance floor or compete in rounds of trivia through a video system.

A fancy restaurant setting with many different types of lights all controlled with a centralized control system

Automate the Atmosphere

Now that you’ve installed brand new audio-visual systems, make everything easy to operate through an automated smart control system. Adjust your lighting’s brightness and temperature, turn the volume up or down, and control all your screens through one location to keep your business running smoothly. Whether you need a separate ambiance for a particular time of day or special event, you can easily shift your restaurant or bar’s entire mood through lighting, music, and visuals. Keep your bathrooms and kitchen bright, your dining spaces dim, and your dance floor colorful through lighting alone. If you need your lights to dim and music volume to increase for the evening crowd, you can create scenes that automatically adjust the audio and visuals at a specific time, giving you and your employees one less thing to worry about. This can also work wonders in getting patrons out at closing time and saving you money on energy bills.

Our team of certified professionals here at SaaviHome is prepared to help your business take the next steps in amplifying its customer experience through commercial solutions. We help you design and install a system that elevates the customer experience and increases your business’s value. Contact us today to set your business apart from the rest.