Smart Home Trends for 2021

Smart Home Trends for 2021

Dec 31, 2020

Your home is your refuge, and as the place you spend the majority of your day, you should feel a sense of ease as you walk through the door. Why would you waste time stressing over the tedious day-to-day schedule when smart home technology can take care of everything in milliseconds? Home automation doesn’t just improve your quality of life at home, but it also empowers your family members to take responsibility in different processes across your household. Here are some of the up-and-coming smart home trends for 2021.

Smart kitchen

With home automation, you’ll soon realize your kitchen is working for you. A smart fridge can keep a list of the groceries you need through simple voice commands, so the next time you realize you need more carrots, simply state your request aloud to the fridge to take note. Furthermore, your smart fridge knows the nutritional and caloric data of specific grocery items and entire dishes, which makes it easier than ever to count your macronutrients or calories. Beyond the fridge, it’s easy to remotely control your appliances to turn on and off, adjust temperature or lighting, and more. You can also set automated schedules for your appliance operation, which continues increasing your home’s security.

Smart bathroom

You can transform your bathroom into your personal spa with smart home technology. Imagine an automated air freshener, ventilation, a bidet, self-flushing, and smart bath and shower controls that can vary the number of showerheads, water pressure, temperature, and even lighting in a precise manner. Some bathroom smart systems even track your water usage, so you’ll be able to set goals to save money on your water bill and live an eco-friendlier lifestyle.

Smart lock

One of the most affordable tools to invest in your home security is a smart lock. Simple ones range around $100, making it well worth protecting your family and assets. Your smartphone is the key to unlocking and locking your doors, which is incredibly convenient if you lost your keys, lock yourself out, or simply can’t remember if you locked up before you left. You’ll no longer have to waste money calling a locksmith or inconvenience another family member by requesting them to come save you.

Person looking at a delivery person dropping off a package at the front door on his smart phone

Smart surveillance

Want to see who’s at the door? Smart surveillance will give you far more information than a blurry face nowadays. Installing a CCTV camera system outdoors is growing in popularity as the top way to protect your home. Modern smart surveillance can text you a notification when movement is detected, recognize different faces, and even contact the authorities in case of emergency. When a burglar spots a CCTV camera, they know it’s wiser not to attempt to rob that home, so you help prevent crime before it happens.

Wireless sprinkler system

Let’s remain outside for a while longer; home automation extends its benefits to your yard as well. The basic green lawn is quickly going out of style; its constant need for watering and maintenance eats away at your wallet and time. Instead, the newest yard trends encompass individuality and sustainability: vegetable gardens, native flowers and grasslands, and rock gardens are trending upwards. No matter what yard you choose, you’ll need a reliable sprinkler system to keep it hydrated. A smart sprinkler system can be programmed to operate on specific days and times, and in case of rain, it’s easy to control it from your smartphone. You’ll be able to track its water usage to maximize the efficiency and water conservation in keeping your yard healthy.

Large tablet on table top for controlling the home's lights and energy management

Smart lighting system

Our last smart home trend for 2021 is a smart lighting system. Controlling your lighting from your phone is more convenient than it may feel at first glance. You’ll no longer have to take a lap through the house to turn off all the lights or fumble in the dark first thing in the morning; you won’t even have to leave your bed to wake up the kids by turning on dim lights in their bedroom. You can empower family members young and old, disabled mentally or physically, to turn on lights with a voice command or through an app. Automated lighting can be set to turn on and off at specific times in the day, leading to huge savings in energy and money when everyone goes off to work or school.

You can begin transforming your at-home experience with smart home technology. As you begin to decide which home automation solution you want to incorporate into your home first, our team of professionals here at Saavi is prepared to help. Taking small steps to modernize your home will save you money and always leave you with something exciting to anticipate!