Ways to Utilize Lighting Control

Ways to Utilize Lighting Control

Nov 30, 2020

Once you own a lighting control system, you get to operate your lights like never before. With a centralized system, it’s simple to organize light sets, control their brightness and color, and use your creativity to brighten your house in endless ways. Here are five ways to control your lighting system with Saavi.

Safe and Sound

As unusual as it may seem, a lighting control system can help secure your property and loved ones. To prevent intrusions, you can program different timed scenes that turn lights on and off throughout the day when you’re away from home. This strategy is called “Mockupancy,” which works to make homes seem like they’re inhabited so they’re less likely to be targeted for burglary. You can also use motion sensor lights that brighten up the exterior of your home when your car enters the driveway or when someone comes within three feet of your home.

Rise with the Sun

It’s a struggle to leave a warm bed on cold mornings, and getting your kids up is a whole different issue. But you can program lights in every bedroom to slowly turn on at a scheduled time, gently waking every member of the house with a dim glow that grows brighter by the minute. You won’t have to fumble around in the dark getting through your home with automated lights that guide your way to the kids’ room. With automated lighting, your family will be able to rise on their own! And if you want to enforce a stricter bedtime, you can set lights to begin dimming in the evening.

Modern country dinning room with integrated mood lighting system managed with a Lutron lighting control system

Set the Mood

The right lighting can really change the atmosphere of your home when hosting an event or unwinding after a stressful day. Color-changing lights in your backyard can create a feeling of enchantment among guests and kids, and dimmed golden light transforms your bedroom into a quiet sanctuary. If you’re in the kitchen cooking while the kids work on homework, cool bright light can help everyone stay focused. Everyone will feel their mood shift to one of relaxation under lights that emit a soft warm glow while they sip wine and enjoy dinner. The touch of a button places you in control of your home’s lighting and atmosphere.

Mobile Control

It’s easier than ever to control a lighting system. You won’t be wondering which one of the eight buttons on the fancy light switch controls the lights you need. Our lighting control systems are easily operated through a smart device, such as a wall panel, tablet, or smartphone, leaving you in charge of your home even from the other side of the house! It’s easy to visualize your lighting control through a screen, and if you can’t remember if you turned off the kitchen lights, just check your phone and flip the switch. Your mobile device will enable you to adjust the settings to alter your lights’ intensity and color throughout your home.

Person holding a smart phone with a lighting control application installed from which you can control your entire home's lights

Going Green

With Saavi’s lighting products, you can be energy efficient and minimize your carbon footprint! You can create energy-efficient settings for your lighting system that provides just enough light without being excessive. Lighting control allows you to create combinations of sets of lights that can be adjusted simultaneously, so you can save energy by only picking some, not all, of your available lights to turn on. Not only will you help save the planet, but you’ll save money too!

With a professionally designed and installed lighting control system, you can build your home’s value. Our products deliver superior performance through streamlined design, and our certified team of professionals at Saavi is ready to help you get started today.