Add Wellness to Your Home Through Smart Technology

Add Wellness to Your Home Through Smart Technology

Nov 11, 2020

As 2020 has been a year mostly spent inside our homes, it’s become more important than ever to achieve wellness of mind and body within the home. Though it may seem surprising, it’s the little details that can transform a home. Smart home technology will change the atmosphere of your home, so your whole family can embrace relaxation.

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Allow Smart Lighting to Affect Your Mood

With smart lighting, you can adjust brightness and color to create your desired mood throughout the day. Bright blue-white light can encourage productivity and focus in the day, whether you’re cooking, cleaning, or working at a computer. By shifting your lights to a more golden glow, you create a relaxing mood to enjoy dinner and unwind for the evening. The reduction of blue light in later hours before bed will allow deeper sleep. Furthermore, you’ll never be left wondering if you remembered to turn off the kitchen lights before you leave the house or crawl into bed. You can set different lighting scenes that automatically change at specific times, so your lights can automatically sync with your morning alarm and dim around your children’s bedtime. Depending on the system, you can operate the lighting in every room from your phone, tablet, or a wall panel, so if there’s any doubt about what lights are on, you can always check your mobile device.

Monitor Air Quality & Temperature Control

Besides adjusting lights, smart systems can also improve your air quality. When you connect your air filtration system to your smart system, you’ll be able to track and control its equipment and determine if maintenance is necessary. You’ll be able to adjust the temperature by room if you choose to incorporate a thermostat with your air purifier. Just like you can set automated lighting scenes, you can do the same with temperature. Make winter mornings a bit more bearable by heating your room a few degrees, or turn it down in the kitchen around the time you begin to make dinner. As the seasons change, adjusting your home’s temperature incrementally can help ease the effects of seasonal allergies. Your whole family can have healthier and stronger lungs, which is especially crucial with COVID-19 on the rise again.

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Improve Relationships with Multi-Room Audio

No matter the age, everyone loves listening to music. Studies have shown that families who play music more often also cook more often, improve their relationships, experience uplifted moods, and overall enjoy a more harmonious home life. If a happier family sounds appealing to you, installing a whole-home audio system into your house would be highly beneficial. Playing music in any room you desire is easy with a smart system that connects to all the speakers throughout your house. You’ll be able to choose a playlist, change the volume, and even sync your music to lights and other media from your smartphone, tablet, or a wall panel. Even better, you can play different music in your home, so your spouse can listen to their playlist in the kitchen while you enjoy your favorite album in the study. Automated music settings can rouse you from bed with soft piano music or welcome your kids home from school with their favorite Disney soundtrack. With the ability to play the music you want, when you want, you’ll soon feel like you’ve customized a soundtrack to your life.

If you want to add some wellness to your home and experience a more relaxed environment, then contact our team of professionals at Saavi today to begin taking initial steps to enjoy a healthier home.