Redefining the Home into a More Convenient Lifestyle

Redefining the Home into a More Convenient Lifestyle

Oct 3, 2020

As our world undergoes advancements in technology and connectivity, we’ve been able to enjoy further conveniences to our lifestyle. A computer in our pocket can access endless information, buy and sell items, run a business, and even get food delivered to our homes. However, our home’s structure generally remains the same as that of our parents and grandparents. It’s time for an upgrade.

The purpose of homes in the 20th century was simple; a comfortable residence that put a roof over the head of honest families trying to achieve the American Dream. For nearly a century, it’s been the standard for new home construction, even for modern homes that are more spacious and possess more technology.

But as we approach the second decade into the 21st century, it’s time to apply our technological advancements to our homes. Through smart tools and systems, our homes can come alive, calculate the management and conservation of resources, tighten security, reduce waste, and interact with every member of the family! Owning home automation technology is becoming increasingly affordable, and soon every homeowner will understand the benefits that come with living in an automated home.

Enjoy more free time

How often do you spend unnecessary time doing what should be a simple task, like playing music? You find yourself searching for your portable speaker and its charger, scrolling through the music library on your phone, then connecting your speaker to your phone. But it’s possible to get your favorite album going in seconds with smart home technology. Simply request your song to your voice assistant, and music will automatically play on speakers connected to an audio system throughout your home! When your home’s lighting, temperature, and entertainment are automated, you’ll have more time on your hands to do the things you want.

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Have a thicker wallet

The long-term savings of smart home technology are well worth the initial investment. It’s far more expensive over time living inefficiently; your thermostat continues running when no one is home, slowly burning into your wallet. With a smarter system, you can manage your energy usage by programming your thermostat to shut off and turn on at selected times. Your home will be a comfortable temperature whenever you and your family are home and save energy whenever you aren’t saving you up to 30% on your energy bills.

Contribute to a sustainable future

As we said, an inefficient home eats into your wallet, but it also costs the environment. When you live in a home with higher emissions, it contributes to the rapidly changing climate. However, it’s easy to help make a small positive impact, creating a better future for new generations by living in an efficient home! When you lessen your carbon footprint, you join in the cause to create a more sustainable world.

Relax in total security

Sometimes when we settle into bed or drive away from the house, we suddenly remember that we left the garage door open, the lights on, or the iron plugged in … or did you actually turn everything off? With an automated home, it doesn’t matter if you did or didn’t. The majority of automation systems come with an app that pairs with your cellphone, so you can double-check your system even when you’re away. And with the tap of a button, you can shut off all the lights you forgot, adjust your temperature, and even lock your doors! Now you can rest with more peace of mind that your home is safe and secure at all times of the day.

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Enjoy more convenience

When the remote control was invented, it transformed the user’s entertainment experience, but now it’s become a hassle as we search for the correct one between the couch cushions. However, the remote control has changed once again, and now it’s simply your voice! You can ask your home to do nearly anything with a home automation system, such as adjust the shade and brightness of your lights, cast your phone to your television, or turn down your automated shades. As a bonus, you’ll be able to program all your home systems to your ideal preferences at selected times.

As we enter the bright new age of smart home technology, it’s an exciting time to join the homeowners who have switched to an automated home system. When you develop a connection with your home, it becomes more than a comfortable shelter. It’s a place to unwind, enjoy total convenience, and streamline every aspect of your lifestyle. If you’re interested in home automation and want to learn more about getting started, contact our team of professionals at Saavi today!