YouTube TV

YouTube TV

Sep 9, 2019

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This service, owned by Google, is not to be confused with You Tube, although it has many things in common with it. After trying all the services listed in this blog except the PSVUE, this is the one we selected.

First of all, we got a 30 day trial with our Roku stick. Since the stick only cost $30, that was a pretty good opportunity to thoroughly explore the service.

YouTubeTV has a pretty good channel list for $40 per month. The only channel we missed that we sometimes watch was the History channel. All the Denver channels (except PBS) are available as well. The DVR is robust and will keep your content for 9 months, with no storage space limitation. You can have up to 6 “accounts” with their own login/password and can stream up to 3 shows simultaneously. YouTubeTV does not support the Amazon Fire stick.

All local Denver channels are available except PBS. We can fast forward through commercials on all recorded content we select to record in advance. Once you select a show to record, however, the service will show you all shows available both recorded and on-demand. You need to pay attention, since the “recorded” shows are the ones you currently saved where commercials can be skipped. The “on-demand” shows are not obviously marked, but you’ll be stuck seeing ads on those. Once you get the hang of it, you can distinguish between them and avoid the ads.

The interface is very similar to YouTube, so if you have some familiarity with that you’ll be fine. It is not nearly as elegant as HuluTV or as familiar as DirecTVNow, but also not a problem once you spend some time with it.

The 9 month unlimited storage was a big selling point for us, as well as the price which is lower than all services except SlingTV.

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