Jul 15, 2019

Streaming Services 4


Hulu is one of the earliest streaming services, and initially was known for its catalog of sit-coms and other weekly TV series that would be available several days after they initially aired. Many people with smart phones or pads used Hulu to get their TV content this way. Since then, Hulu beefed up their service by investing in its own content library, of which “Handmaids Tale” is the most well-known.

Therefore, when Hulu launched their streaming service, they had a built-in subscriber base and a very refined User Interface. You can find their channel list here:

The price of HuluTV just went up to $44.99 per month. This includes their library of original content, so if you are a fan of their programs, this provides extra value (the original cost to subscribe was $7.99/month).

This price includes 50 hours of DVR storage but with a BIG catch. All of the recorded shows have disabled fast forwarding through commercials! Despite the wonderful user interface and the additional content, this was a deal killer for us. You can add, for $14.99, the upgrade to 200 hours of DVR and avoid commercials. As far as we can tell, HuluTV is the only streaming service that does this – although as mentioned earlier, most “on demand” content works this way. With this option, the cost of HuluTV raises to $60 per month, which makes it less competitive with other services.

You can watch on unlimited screens at home, and up to 3 streams when you are out of the house, so this is very generous compared to other services. The premium channels (HBO, Starz, Showtime, etc.) are available as well at the usual retail prices. You also can add channels and expand the channel list by selecting an Entertainment Add On.

If you can tolerate commercials and love the additional unique Hulu content and can take advantage of the multiple streams, this might be a good service for you.

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