Jul 1, 2019

Streaming Services 3


This streaming service is (not surprisingly) an offshoot of DirecTV. If you are familiar with DirecTV services, you’ll become quickly acquainted with this service, including the channel selection and the interface.

DirecTVNow has the widest selection of channel “options” of any of the services. This is very similar to cable or Satellite services. You can select from “Live A Little” at $40 per month to “Gotta Have It” at $75 per month.

The good news is that the recording service (DVR) is included in the price. The bad news is that it is still in “Beta” and has been for a long time. It is cumbersome and hard to use, the worst recording function we’ve experienced in these streaming apps. If recording shows is not that important for you, then this might still be an option. There is as yet no announcement when the beta period will be over, but chances are that it will cost additional when released.

A good thing about DirecTVNow is that HBO can be added for just $5 per month. Most other services will cost you $15 per month. This is because HBO is owned by the same company (AT&T). Note that recently merged with Time Warner, so pricing and service packages may change when that merger is finalized.

In Denver, the local channels are available as well, except for PBS. Once again, you can get PBS on their PBS app, or on You Tube.

It is clear that DirecTVNow, like many of the streaming services, are constantly evaluating their business model and it is likely that either prices will rise or the number of channels offered will slim down. Most of these services are not seeing profitability with their current pricing and intend to change the mix eventually to turn that around. Note also that many are increasing the amount of “forced” advertising that is available, especially on their “on demand” catalog, so that will prevent you from fast forwarding through this material.

As the huge cable providers are the main owners of these streaming platforms, it is likely that they will try hard to “claw back” the money they are losing from the drop in subscriptions to their cable systems.

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