The HBA Of Metro Denver Welcomes SaaviHome

The HBA Of Metro Denver Welcomes SaaviHome

Jan 26, 2016

Press Release

Denver, CO – The Home Builders Association of Metro Denver welcomes our newest member, SaaviHome. The end of the year brings with it many transitions, which includes a new HBA president, executive committee and board members. In addition to these internal changes, the end of the year is a busy time for most of us, filled with holiday festivities and the anticipation to ring in the New Year.

During all of the happenings of the last 30-45 days within the organization, it’s not to be overlooked that membership has grown by eight new members in all. This doesn’t include renewals and those who have chosen to rejoin, which adds another 16 members to the ever-growing organization.

The mission of the Home Builders Association of Metro Denver is to improve our members’ abilities to responsibly meet the housing needs of the community for a better quality of life. As a member, SaaviHome has committed to a healthy business environment, provisional and personal growth and their own business achievements.

By supporting and advancing members’ business interests, the HBA creates greater success for our members and the industry at large. SaaviHome CEO, Gavin Lantzy, said he was “committed to succeeding within the HBA as well as the greater Denver area’s expansion and homeowner growth.” HBA members succeed by advocating on governmental public policy support affordable housing, expanding professional expertise, and offering many ways of giving back to the surrounding community.

If you’re searching for a reputable company to build your next home, remodel your home, or purchase quality components to incorporate into your home, SaaviHome is a member in good standing that adheres to our Home Builders Association code of ethics. Contact SaaviHome by email or by calling 303-665-2238.