Control4 Demos Smart Home App for the Car

Control4 Demos Smart Home App for the Car

Jan 8, 2016

Control4 leverages SmartDeviceLink to demo a proof of concept control solution allowing homeowners to safely control smart home devices right from their vehicle dashboards.

Robert Archer · January 6, 2016

This year during CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Control4 will join Livio in booth #4230 (Tech East, North Hall) to debut a proof-of-concept that leverages SmartDeviceLink (SDL), an open-source software designed specifically to integrate Internet functionality into vehicles, to unite smart home functionality with connected cars.

The Control4 proof-of-concept smart home app for the connected car demonstrates one-touch smart home integration using an Android phone and a Toyota vehicle head display unit. The Control4 App syncs with the vehicle’s head display unit to enable Control4 users to access and control their smart home devices, such as thermostats, lights, locks and garage doors, right from the driver’s seat.

The app can initiate automation scenes in the home right from the dashboard. In this demonstration when someone touches “away” the garage door will close, the lights will turn off, the security system will arm, the doors will lock and the home’s temperature will set to energy-saving mode. When users touch “Arrive” before they turn into the driveway the home will automatically turn on the lights, queue up the music and adjust the heat in the home.

“The integration of the connected car with the smart home delivers an exceptional experience for the consumer,” notes Noel Gouff, senior director of business development, Control4. “We are excited to show the future of car and home connectivity, where drivers have a convenient and responsible way to remotely access all of their most frequently used smart home devices while on the road.”

Paul Elsila, CEO of Livio, adds the Control4 remote automation demonstration highlights the capabilities of SmartDeviceLink.

“We are committed to showing the potential of what is possible with SDL technology here at CES,” emphasizes Elsila. “Working alongside Control4 to architect a concept for integrating the smart home into future vehicles aligns precisely with how both companies want to provide the most choice for consumers in regards to their future mobile connectivity whether they are at home or in their car.”