Summary of Cannabis Surveillance Laws in Colorado

Summary of Cannabis Surveillance Laws in Colorado

Dec 18, 2015

If you are looking to build out a new grow operation or retail facility, here is what you need to know to comply with the Colorado law in terms of surveillance:


1 CCR 212-2 – Permanent Rules Related to the Colorado Retail Marijuana Code

R 306

Video Surveillance Equipment:

  1. All retail marijuana establishments must have a surveillance system
  2. NVR or DVR must be located in secure area
  3. Records need to be easily available upon request
  4. Minimum equipment requirements:
    1. DVR or NVR
    2. Cameras that meet the standards
    3. Video monitors
    4. Digital archiving device
    5. Color printer
    6. Must have a failure notification system
    7. Equipment must be properly functioning and maintained
    8. Must be able to capture identity
    9. Must have power back up for a minimum of 4 hours

Placement of Cameras and Required Camera Coverage:

  1. Limited Access Areas
  2. Point of Sale areas
  3. Security rooms
  4. All points of ingress and egress to limited access areas
  5. Any spot where marijuana is displayed for sale
  6. All points of ingress and egress to exterior of building
  7. Must be capable of identifying activity at 20ft.
  8. Must be able to capture customer and employee facial features
  9. All entrances and exits need to be recorded from both indoor and outdoor vantage points

10. System must work in any lighting condition (needs IR)

11. Any spot where marijuana is grown, tested, cured, manufactured, or stored needs a camera in the room facing the entry door

12. Any spot where marijuana is weighed, packaged, transport prep, processing or tagging occurs need to be covered

13. Must have at least 1 camera recording the secured surveillance area (spot where NVR is located)

Location and Maintenance of Surveillance Equipment:

  1. Must be stored in a locked secured room
  2. Must be able to produce a maintenance activity log
  3. Off site storage OK, but must meet minimum requirements
  4. Must have review station, printer and map of camera area

Video Recording and Retention Requirements:

  1. Must be recording 24 hours a day
  2. Recordings must be kept for a minimum of 40 days
  3. Need capabilities to produce a color still photo from any camera
  4. Date and time must be available

Other records:

  1. Map of camera locations
  2. Direction of coverage
  3. Camera numbers
  4. Surveillance equipment maintenance activity log
  5. User authorization list
  6. Operating instructions