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Whole-house Audio & Video

As technology continues to develop, the results are amazing products to enhance our daily lives in ways you may have never previously considered. Installation of a whole-house audio and whole-house video system is the perfect example of state-of-the-art technology making life better. With pristine music and sound delivery, exceptional quality speaker systems, high pixel imagery and stable electronic transmission, you can now enjoy your selection of music and video in any room of your home – or all rooms at once.  All without the clutter of multiple receivers, amplifiers, and the remaining pile of electronics.

Our Whole-House Audio System and/or our Whole-House Video System places all your control equipment in a single location which can reside in a closet or cabinet out of site and out of the way. Using either a single control panel or multiple remote controls, the availability of all your audio sources, your music library and your media storage can all be accessed for any area at any time.  Imagine enjoying a sports event in the family room, while others enjoy jazz playing in the study, classical music plays while others are enjoying a bath and of course some serious rap playing in the kids rooms – all at the same time!

At SaaviHome we will assist you in the design, installation, instruction and if needed, repair of your Whole House Audio and Video systems. We are experience professionals with partnerships in place to provide the highest quality equipment on the market today.  We will assist you in designing a system that not only fits your desires, but your budget as well.  Call Saavi Home today for your free Audio/Video Consultation at 303-665-2238 or complete our Project Discovery Form and let us know how we can help!

A home features a football game on the television. The ktichen bar and dining room can be seen from the living room.

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