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The importance of being connected is common knowledge in this day and time. And this importance expands to both home and office with equal importance to individuals. At Saavi our expertise extends to any level of networking to solve your needs.  We offer standard peer-to-peer networks up to server-based network systems. The professional approach we take is to properly plan your installation for spacing and operational efficiency with a focus on a secure network.

Today’s internet involvement for any location will include all your WiFi connections and wired network integration. Your network hub becomes the integration location for all your electronics and applications. Older technology cannot keep up with today’s internet load.

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What is WiFi?

Wifi is and acronym for Wireless Fidelity. It is the wave signal technology that provides a connection method for multiple devices to your particular network hub. This also includes using a Wifi Hotspot as a nub.

WiFi technology allows your local area network (LAN) to receive these multiple connections without the need for cables or wiring. It has become the popular choice not only for home, but business environments as well. Wifi technology and your wifi router is the broadband connection for all your electronics to include: gaming consoles, tablets, smartphones and laptops.

At SaaviHome our priority is to provide you with an efficient and productive network backbone.

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What is Ethernet?

As popular and convenient as WiFi is, it is still subject to some events that might not be conducive to all types of equipment and circumstances. The solutions counterpart is to then have a hard-wired network connection referred to as ethernet. Ethernet cabling offers a more reliable connection in that it is not subject to the types of interference that can affect wifi signals. In planning a network system, the inclusion of running hardwire connections to places where stationary devices will reside or are frequently used should be included in the system. In an office situation, this would include stationary desk locations where computers and similar devices would be used. In a home it may be computers but devices like media receivers, TV’s and internet connected appliances.

With the popularity of work-from-home and home offices, hardwire connections on a network may eliminate dropped connections, electronic interference, slowdowns and in many cases faster data delivery. This can be especially helpful with delivering large files, transferring large amounts of data while competing with streaming TV and video games in another area of the house.

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What is a Wireless Access Point? (WAP)

When WiFi technology is still the desired access method, the planning is necessary to assure that all needed access areas have full and clear wifi signal.  In offices and homes there will normally be a single supply point for the outside internet connection.  From this single supply, the location Ethernet and wifi network is established.  Distances, construction type and more can limit signal reaching all areas. The solution is a Wireless Access Point. Examples of needed expanded coverage might be extending wifi to a basement or possibly a rooftop patio area.

A hard-wire cable from the internet hub is run to a location I the extended area to be served. This provides a clear and un-degraded signal to the area. A wireless access point is connected to the cable end and it then functions as the wifi transmitter for the area.  Wifi service is extended to the area and signal is as clear and strong as being at the hub itself since the cable simply extends the hub’s capabilities.

Installing points throughout the location or the home allows as many as 60 simultaneous connections to each access point. This system also duplicates the wifi platform throughout the location so that devices can be moved throughout the area in a seamless manner without dropping the connections.

SaaviHome recommends the placement of a WAP per each 1500 square feet of office or home space.

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Which connection is best for my home or office?

The answer to the question of best can only be answered by the types of devices and equipment that will be using internet access. The great news is that any location can have both. With Wifi and Ethernet a hardwire device and a wireless device can exist and operate side by side. Planning for hardwire installations in areas of heavy use and fixed location equipment then bathing the entire area in a wifi signal assures coverage regardless of equipment and usage type.

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SaaviHome works with top-of-the-line brands to ensure our clients stay connected in the home and office.


eero mesh system is unlike traditional routers. Often standard units leave rooms, halls and other areas out of wifi reach. Eero system is a mesh system using multiple devices, all working together to deliver a common signal in every direction of the location.


Luxul is a professional grade network solution that is simple to deploy. As a leading innovator in the industry, Luxul Xen™ provides a complete line of networking products both in modular wired and wireless design. As a custom installer of Luxul equipment, Saavi brings you the best of all solutions.



Pakedge wireless access points are the preferred product for the connected home of today. Designed with enterprise performance and durability in mind, the result is a robust hardware and high-performance chipsets. Designed to deliver faster speeds and to more devices with an extended range, Pakedge WAPs deliver. Even in tough environments they deliver worry free and reliable performance.

Access Networks

Access Networks is another valued partner with SaaviHome. As a leading provider of solutions for automated smart homes they manufacture advanced plug-and-play, enterprise grade solutions.


Ruckus Networks brand of network equipment (formerly know as Ruckus Wireless) supplies both wired and wireless routing equipment and the software to enhance its operation. Ruckus is owned by CommScope and they offer Controllers, Management systems, Cloud Management, switches, and various types of Access Point equipment.


Cisco is a known and leading brand of networking hardware, telecommunications equipment, and software. Their presence as a high-technology service and product provider has existed for decades.

Dependable smart homes need reliable networks.

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