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Lighting Control

SaaviHome offers state-of-the-art lighting control systems specifically for homes and businesses. Smart lighting control systems provide energy savings and peace of mind by allowing you to control a wide variety of lights using intelligent switch communication. Our advanced lighting control system offers increased security by allowing you to set up time-based schedules. Add elegance, convenience, ambiance, and a touch of green to your home with a lighting control system today!

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Safe Lighting

Not only do well-lit spaces increase your visibility, but it also increases your safety, as potential intruders are less likely to attempt to break into a home that's well-lit and appears occupied. If you're away from home, you can program particular sets of lights to turn on and off at set times to give the illusion that someone is home; this is known as "Mockupancy.” You can also program exterior lights to turn on whenever your car approaches the driveway or the sun sets. If you hear a noise in the night, you can control your lights through an app on your smartphone, so you can light up your home before leaving your bed. Light plays a large role in keeping your home safe.

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Rise with the Sun

It's a struggle to leave a warm bed on cold mornings, and getting your kids up is a whole different issue. But you can program lights in every bedroom to slowly turn on at a scheduled time, gently waking every member of the house with a dim glow that grows brighter by the minute. You won’t have to fumble around in the dark getting through your home with automated lights that guide your way to the kids’ room. With automated lighting, your family will be able to rise on their own! And if you want to enforce a stricter bedtime, you can set lights to begin dimming in the evening.

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Mobile Control

It's easier than ever to control a lighting system. You won't be wondering which one of the eight buttons on the fancy light switch controls the lights you need. Our lighting control systems are easily operated through a smart device, such as a wall panel, tablet, or smartphone, leaving you in charge of your home even from the other side of the house! It's easy to visualize your lighting control through a screen, and if you can't remember if you turned off the kitchen lights, just check your phone and flip the switch. Your mobile device will enable you to adjust the settings to alter your lights' intensity and color throughout your home.

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Going Green

With SaaviHome’s lighting products, you can be energy efficient and minimize your carbon footprint! You can create energy-efficient settings for your lighting system that provides just enough light without being excessive. Lighting control allows you to create combinations of sets of lights that can be adjusted simultaneously, so you can save energy by only picking some, not all, of your available lights to turn on. Not only will you help save the planet, but you'll save money too!

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SaaviHome works with top-of-the-line brands in smart lighting control.


Control4 is a provider of automation and networking systems for homes and businesses, offering a personalized and unified smart home system to automate and control connected devices including lighting, audio, video, climate control, intercom, and security. Control4 smart lighting integrates with other smart systems in your home to give you complete lighting control to match your mood and desires.


Lutron lighting offers a wide selection of energy saving smart dimmers and lighting control solutions. Lutron LED lighting control systems can use dimming and daylight management, as well as dynamic lighting, to either automatically or manually adjust the color of the LED light to create the perfect environment for any indoor space.

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Lighting Control FAQ

Light control is the ability to adjust or regulate the level and quality of light in a given space for specific tasks or situations. Controlling light can not only enhance ambiance, it helps to save energy by using light when and where it is needed most.

In most homes, light controls are a common on/off switch. This means that regardless of time of day, your fixtures are emitting the same amount of light, and in turn, using the same amount of energy. The option to dim lights gives users the ability to control the quantity of light that their fixtures provide to cater to specific tasks, moods, situations, or scenes.

Dynamic light can refer to a few different types of control options; the three major types are: warm dimming, color-tunable, and color changing control. With proper programming, dynamic lighting can mimic the natural rhythm of night and day that your body responds to, and it can stimulate overall well-being.


A lighting load is the term used to identify a single light, and/or a group of lights that are physically connected, and are turned on and off together. When exploring lighting control for your home or commercial space, the number of lighting loads to be controlled will be a primary factor.

A lighting module is a line voltage device which is physically connected to, and able to dim or switch one or more lighting loads.

A lighting scene is a setting where multiple lighting loads turn on or off at the same time to the exact dimmable levels that have been programmed to your liking. With the touch of just one button, you can control all of the lighting scenes and loads in your home!

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