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Lighting Control

Everything about lighting control makes sense in today’s world

Smart Lighting control provides benefits in all areas of home life to include financial, comfort, convenience, entertainment and even planet preservation. Advanced lighting control systems add to your home and family security and additionally our Landscape Lighting Systems add an ambiance and elegance to the exterior of your home enhancing your property’s feature and beauty.


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Safe Lighting

Your consideration for lighting safety is both inside and outside the home. Increasing visibility by illuminating areas of the home is safety for the occupants and guests.  Arriving to a lighted driveway, illumination on exterior steps and walkways and even interior low light accents for halls and pathways can be more than just a convenience. The control is doing so on a schedule or only when lighting is needed due to the presence of occupants.

Path lighting in garden and yard areas add to the beauty and elegance of the home and provide a comfortable safe atmosphere when you just want to enjoy your property in the evening hours. A walk in the garden with that special someone or just a sharing time with family and friends. All enhanced by low voltage landscape lighting.

And the safety provided by lighting to keep intruders away from your home and family cannot be assigned a value. Simple programs that create the illusion that the house is occupied with no one is home are simple lighting scenes that are created in the lighting control system. Connecting automated lighting to your home security system can create a flashing light system of all the lights in your home, drawing attention and creating a deterrent.

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Rise with the Sun

With your home lighting control system mornings can be pleasant. Lighting scenes that slowly illuminate smart LED lighting in bedrooms and living areas. Need help getting the kids up? Program lights in bedrooms to slowly activate on the desired time schedule. Or light hallways for that early morning transition between rooms. And of course, a home lighting control system can work the other way as well, transitioning lights to the off place to encourage the bedtime schedule.  Using smart lightbulbs and controlling system can work in every area of your home life.


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Mobile Control

Did you remember to turn off the lights when you left? Are you getting home later that expected? Want to just randomly make your house look occupied? Anything is possible with remote control apps connected to your home lighting control system. Apps can provide you the status of lighting in all areas as well as provide you control to illuminate or darken areas of your desire. No longer does switching lights require your presence in front of the switch. Yes – even what seems a little too lazy, but you can turn off that kitchen light while laying in bed.


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Going Green

Efficiency in today’s economy is wise regardless of who you are and to what income level you operate. Lighting control systems help manage lights to lower utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Lighting scenes and schedules let you use light as you deem adequate and not use lights that may be in non-essential locations. Using controllers and smart lightbulbs, you an even make sure the light left on in that closet, storage or even attic areas does not stay on for days or maybe even years. Preserve power and preserve finances with a Saavihome Automated Lighting System.


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SaaviHome works with top-of-the-line brands in smart lighting control.


Control4 is a leading manufacturer with a long-term reputation for quality home automation and control systems. Their products grace both residences and business locations worldwide. The Control4 system is not just about lights, as their system is used for all smart home features to include audio and video entertainment, climate control and your security system to name a few. Custom programmable to any application, Control4 serves as the ‘brains’ of all your home automation while providing multiple and even remote methods of control.



Lutron Lighting claims the title of one of the oldest and most renown leaders of the lighting industry. With manufacturing of all facets of lighting components from standalone lighting items, room applications, building lighting systems, shading and even fixture technologies. Whether the need is simple dimmers switch to whole home lighting system, Lutron is your quality manufacturer.


Dependable smart homes need reliable networks.

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Lighting Control FAQ

Light control is the installation of systems and/or equipment to control the level and quality of lighting in selected areas. Lighting control can provide ambiance, security, convenience and even simplicity to lighting needs.

Light dimming is perhaps the first form of lighting control allowing the level of light being emitted from a light fixture to be lowered or brightened to a desired level. Dimming switches allow setting lighting fixtures to meet scenes and needs in any area.

Dynamic lighting goes beyond on/off and dimming by schedule.  Dynamic Lighting can be used to program color, hue brightness to respond to the lighting application. To set a mood of well being in an area to accenting the priceless piece of art with the correct level and shade of lighting.  Dynamic Lighting is programmable for the application in every area.


A lighting load is the term used to identify a single light, and/or a group of lights that are physically connected, and are turned on and off together. When exploring lighting control for your home or commercial space, the number of lighting loads to be controlled will be a primary factor.

A lighting module is a line voltage device which is physically connected to, and able to dim or switch one or more lighting loads.

A lighting scene is a setting where multiple lighting loads turn on or off at the same time to the exact dimmable levels that have been programmed to your liking. With the touch of just one button, you can control all of the lighting scenes and loads in your home!

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